Plastic Island

Update: Old site, New hash tag #Unplastic  Plastic Island is not actually an island but a gyre, or ‘soup’ of trash.

About 1 in every 5 people I ask has heard of the Pacific Garbage Dump, simply called here #PlasticIsland.  I only became aware of Plastic Island 2 years ago at the Gnomedex conference in Seattle when change agents and social media experts got together in search of creating a better world by using media to expose and create.

Some questions arose: Why had I never heard of this before then?  Whey don’t 5 in 5 people know about this?  Why is there a floating pile of trash 2x the size of the state of Texas in the Pacific Ocean yet most Americans have never heard of it?  Why don’t those that do know about it, and its implications, adjust their behaviors with respect to consumption?

This project is meant to create awareness about Plastic Island and what it’s doing to our environment.  And, what you can do about it.

We’ll start with some images and stories.  Then we’ll trace the path of consumable goods from origin to the island.  As an ongoing effort, we’ll seek to engage corporations that can help on a large scale to reduce the amount of waste sent to “Plastic Island”.

We can create long term change and benefit by ridding one piece of plastic at a time.

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